Sunday, 9 December 2012

Resume Writing

Resume writing is one of the major challenging task. Whether you are an experienced person or a fresher, your profile plays an important role in hunting the good job. There may be thousands of resumes listed in front of desk with company HR. Among them, they will shortlist only few. In this context, an effective resume plays a significant role. Now the question is what makes the resume to be an effective one? Are there any specific criteria for a resume to become distinguished. Yes, of course, we will discuss about the same here.

I would like to focus this topic of resume, specially for freshers, though it might be help for experienced users too. There are different names given for this title - some of them call it as CV(Curriculum Vitae) or Profile or Resume. Profile is the common term used for CV as well as Resume.  Lets us first differentiate between the
CV and Resume.
CV : - This is the common term used in case of experienced person.
Resume :- The freshers profile or a person having experience less than  2-3 years of work experience, we call it as Resume.

Some Common Rules while writing Resume:
1) If you are a fresher, don't complicate your resume more. Make it as simple as possible with some of effective points to be highlighted  that differentiates you from others.
2) Do not decorate your resumes by putting underlines, stylish fonts etc.
3) Use common font at all places like; Times New Roman, Calibri etc with font size 10-12. You can highlight  the most important keywords of your Resume by making it Bold.
4) The freshers resume should not go beyond two pages.
5) If you are good at technical side though, if you feel that you have less marks in comparison to others , do not show the marks percentage in resume. Some times it works, there may come a situation when less expert people than you may bring higher marks. While shortlisting, your resume might not be shortlisted because of the same.
6) Keep the most important part of your resume in your first page of resume.

Though there are various methods & styles of writing Resumes , The very common can have the following format.

1) Put your name & contact details at top of the page, like below:
Name:                   ...........................................
Contact Number:   ...........................................
Email:                    ...........................................

Remember that, always provide  only one Email Id. As your email id should look professional, like you should not provide an email id that looks an informal like etc. While giving the contact number, you can give alternative contact numbers too. Do not place address details & other details here.

2)  Next most important part of your resume is your Objective. This is the one entity, which distinguishes you from others. Objective may be different for different platforms & working domains. However, if you are unsure about on which specific platform you are going to work, you can write general objective.
For example your general objective might be: Seeking a position to utilize my skills & abilities in an organization that offers professional growth by being resourceful, innovate,& flexible.
This does not gone to help you if your applying for only specific platform, in this case your specific objective will be helpful. For example - if you are applying for a position of .Net programmer , you objective can be - "To become an excellent .Net expert in an IT Industry ".

3) In next section you can show your most distinguished expertise, Strength ,& important events that you have handled during your college life or till the your carrier as below.
a) Strength: "Self confident, Accept & believe that nothing is impossible if done with full dedication & hard labor".
b) Important Events : 
c) Technical Skills :
d) Educational Details:
While writing your educational degrees, write your highest qualification at the top & then follow sequentially.
two degrees are enough to be shown in resume. Masters , Bachelors // Or Bachelors //Intermediate.

4) Next you can have your final project & other external project summaries.

This all contents must be present in  first page.Most of the time, HR does not have the time too look for your second or last page. S/He will sort our your resume based on first page summary only.

5) In Second page you can show the following details :

a) Hobbies
b) Personal Details:
Do not repeat you name again here.if it is previously mentioned, it may contain -
       Date of Birth:
       Language Known:
       Marital Status:
c)   Address Details: Temporary & Permanent
d)  Declaration:This is also an important thing. It ensure that the mentioned details in the resume are correct. You can write the declaration as:
I hereby declare that the information above provided is true to the best of my knowledge. If the information provided is appeared to be false, the concerned authorities are liable to take any action.

e)  Place of resume written, Date ,& Signature at the right side has to be written. Note that some companies do not accept your resume until & unless it is signed.  For ex -

Place: XYZ( Bangalore)
Date:   09 ,Dec,2012                                                                                                     Signature:

I have attached my resume demo sample. Download It.

This completes the resume. Though there are so many things that needs to be considered, I hope you will really get some idea & clue regarding the resume writing. I shared the things, what ever I knew & experience d from my company & Institute where I learned.
Your comments, suggestions ,& any improvements to this topic are hearty welcomed.