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A glance at Android Development

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Almost 40-60% of market share has been taken up by Android Market. So, it is wisefull to grasp up with android development.

Android is really easy to learn,  if you have a good concept on any one of object oriented language C++, php or in fact java. 
Android is nothing but implementation of java classes.
My focus to learn android is why because :

Android is An Open Platform for Mobile Development.

A Linux operating system kernel that provides the low-level interface with the hardware, memory, management, and process control, all optimized for mobile devices.

Has powerful APIs, excellent documentation, a thriving developer community, and no development or distribution costs. As mobile devices continue to increase in popularity, this is an exciting opportunity to create innovative mobile phone applications no matter what your development background.

Alternative options are Iphone (Apple ) & Windows(Mango) Currently rising, but these are fully proprietary hardware and software platform. while Android is an open source software stack produced and supported by the Open Handset Alliance(OHA) and designed to operate on any handset that meets the requirements.

The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is a collection of more than 30 technology companies including hardware manufacturers, mobile carriers, and software developers.

Android provides a lightweight relational database for each application using SQLite. It can easily communicate with Php & MySQL at server side. So you can really beautify your application using Client - server Architecture & Store- Forward Architectures too.

No liscensing fee... , Its really easy & Awesome...

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