Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making a bootable windows 7 disk from file

Making a bootable windows 7  disk from the copied files from windows 7 disk:

Guys, this was really a hectic task , if you are not aligned with the proper techniques to make bootalbe windows.  Last night, it wasted by whole night too. 

The problem was  my brother's OS get crashed, now I don't have bootable DVD, only all i have is , windows splitted copied files. 
So my first choice was Nero, I didn't have Nero too, downloaded Nero 14 trial for 15 days , tried to make bootable with it, but it sucked me, all it allowed was to allow burning maximum file size of 200MB. :( 

My Next try was Nero 7, Okey it was very difficult to get if from internet for free, finally got it, from some where, a cracked version, Installed and tried to make bootable DVD for windows 7 , again it sucked me, it only allowed me to make a bootable file that exceeds no more than 2GB, I was having 3.4GB of windows 7 raw file. :( What to do !!!

Wasted one night !!
Next I came up with the solution, found a very good developer tool known as Image burn (http://www.imgburn.com/) having a file size of just 3.3 MB, & was awesome. !!! Can not imagine, such a decent and best tool !! 

All you need to do is :
=> Click the ‘Write files/folders to disc’ button.
=>Insert a writable DVD disc [The message in  status bar should say ready]
=>Add the installation source folder and files 
=>On Boot tab,     Locate your Boot file for windows7 generally it is located inside /Boot folder with the name etfsboot.com
[Note: this is important don't  miss it.]
=>Enter ‘Microsoft Corporation’ in the ‘Developer ID’ field.
=>Enter ’07C0′ in the ‘Load Segment’ field.
=>Enter ‘8‘ in the ‘Sectors To Load‘ field.

You are done, finally click on Build Button. Yes !! 
Cheers.. !!  Your bootable CD is ready .. !! 

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